Find and rent unique spaces for your next shoot.

Easily explore your city’s most beautiful private locations for your next photo or film shoot.
From professional studios to private homes or atypical lofts, rent the space you need.

How it works

Find the space you need

Rent the space you need from trusted amateurs & professionals around you.

Get in touch

Communicate directly with the owner and ask any questions you might have! Make sure the set fits all your needs.

Book & Enjoy

Schedule the time and date for your shooting. Submit your request, pay online and receive confirmation!

Refer a friend

You know someone with a beautiful home/space? Convince them to post it on Beazy and we will pay you 10€ as soon as they post their space to Beazy as well as 25% of our profit on their 3 first rentals!

How to share your own space

1. Your house, your rules.
Choose your availabilities, price, house rules and the maximum number of people you’ll allow to enter your space.

2. Create an account and add a listing as a studio/space with the pictures you have. Fix your won hourly price.

3. Fill this form to schedule a free visit with a professional photographer.

4. We will update your listing with the new pictures as soon as we have them.

5. Start getting booking requests! Refuse/accept a booking and chat directly through Beazy. Check with your bookers if they have liability insurance as they will be liable if any damage occurs.

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