Share your gear.
Make money.

Share anything from cameras, lenses, stabilizers, tripods, drones, audio, studios and much, much more!
Beazy is the safest Award winning platform for photographers and filmmakers with every rental insured up to €30’000. Learn more

How to make money out of your gear

We got you covered

We got your back! If anything goes wrong, we make sure that lender, borrower and all parties involved are covered up to €30’000.

Safe, Fast & Easy

All our users are verified members. You chose whom you rent your gear to when approving rental requests from interested creatives.

€1’000 per month on average

Reply to the requests received, schedule pick up location and time, and receive the money in your bank account right away.

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No time to rent your gear?
We do the job for you!

We realized that many photographers/filmmakers simply don’t have the time and/or energy to rent out their gear.
So if you want to share your gear and make money, we want to help you out!
The idea is that you will drop off whatever gear you’re not using with us, we will then take care of purchasing a good insurance policy and renting it out for you.
The best part is that you can come pick it up whenever you need it and we only take a tiny percentage of each rental.


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